I now understand…

…that I don’t understand at all. And therefore, I understand more than I’ve ever understood before.

It isn’t only¬†“just OK” not to be able to explain everything. It’s also freeing to not be burdened with feeling like we have to.

Be free to lead even though there will be unanswered questions.

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June 17, 2014 – Why?

Right here and now, as if I had any authority whatsoever, I am granting you permission as a leader to answer some questions with “I don’t know”. Because, especially this morning, I simply don’t know the answer to so many “why” questions.

Why did Jennifer have a brain tumor as a beautiful little girl?

Why am I so fortunate to be born where I was and to have the parents I have?

Why were mosquitos created?

Why did the contract fall apart after such a promising beginning?

Why does he treat her that way?

Why did Saralyn, who not only lived for others but taught them, in turn, how to live for still others have to die suddenly and unexpectedly in her husband’s arms last night?

As much as we know and understand, we simply don’t have all the answers. So, Russ, I must tell you today…I don’t know.


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