April 13, 2014 – Joy and Pain

Happy Palm Sunday. Can you imagine the joy that was in the streets of Jerusalem that day? Me neither. What a magnificent entrance it must have been as the adoring crowd laid their palm leaves before Him and His borrowed colt.

Yet the joy of the people made others jealous and they began plotting to snuff out the light that brings such joy.

Even the Savior of the world didn’t eliminate such jealousy and hatred and pain.

Just one week later however, His light overcame the darkness just as His joy overcomes our pain if we only allow it.

I’ve learned…well, truth-be-known I’m still learning…to endure my pain knowing that joy is just around the corner.

May the next corner you turn bring you great joy.

David Miller Initials


February 19, 2014 – The Wounds of our Lives

On his compact disc version of True Self, False Self Richard Rohr says:

 “The word ‘innocent’ from its Latin root means ‘not wounded’. That’s how we all start life. We’re all innocent. It doesn’t have anything to do with moral right or wrong. It has to do with not being wounded yet. We start unwounded. We start innocent, but the killing of our holy innocence by power and abuse (as in the killing of the Holy Innocents by Herod [Matthew 2:1-23]) is an archetypal image of what eventually happens to all of us. Probably it has to happen for us to grow up.

We can’t stay unwounded. We have to leave the garden, so to speak. It is this movement out and back between the loneliness and desperation of the false self and the fullness of the True Self that is the process of transformation. That’s how we move to consciousness and inner freedom.”

Leaders (meaning moms, dads, CEO’s, pilots, pastors, administrators, partners…in other words all of us…) are wounded. We are no longer “innocent” and there is pain in that.  But leaders also are overcomers. Leaders also get up off the ground. Leaders also endure the pain, wipe the blood off, grieve the loss and then move on to fight again…to win again…to lead again. 

You can do it.  Come on…get up…let’s get back in the battle.  The victory is ahead.

January 29, 2014 – Beauty

Beauty may be the most powerful force on earth in driving our leadership decisions. Of course we know there are budgets and strategies and market conditions and stockholder demands and all that “stuff”.

Yet, often we find ourselves inspired by the beauty of a well thought plan coming together. We are captivated by the dark brown eyes, auburn hair, high cheekbones, and captivating smile of a beautiful woman. We wonder and sometimes weep at the splendor and majesty of a sunset whether it is high in the Colorado Rockies, rapidly sinking into the Pacific Ocean, or disappearing beneath the west Texas horizon.  I find myself intrigued and inspired by the priceless innocence of young children.

Why would we even think about concerning ourselves as leaders with the beauty around us? How would doing so help company performance or R.O.I.? After all, beauty is one of those touchy feely things that “real” leaders don’t pay attention to.

Well here is the reason; beauty is the antidote for pain. And there is so much pain in our lives: depression, divorce, bankruptcy, cancer, heart issues of every kind, betrayal, and loss…loss of a job; a friend; an opportunity; a beloved.

Where do we turn to? Try turning to beauty. Those brown eyes and auburn hair and disarming smile night just make you forget about your pain for a moment and smile yourself.

Watch the sunset…or sunrise. Observe that son or daughter of yours, remembering beautiful memories with them.

Let beauty work for you as a leader.

Back to how to say “no” tomorrow. But I had beauty enter my life today and I wanted to share how it stirred me, made me more alert, and challenged me to strive more valiantly for excellence in my work.