A tribute to William C. “Bill” Jamison

I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Mr. Jamison. Yet, I like him and didn’t ever have the opportunity to meet him. He came to me via his obituary in the paper this morning. His age isn’t stated, but since he was a member of the Fighting Aggie Class of ’61, I would guess him to be about 75 or so when he passed away. He was married to Marilyn for 54 years and has 4 children and 2 granddaughters, all of whom apparently adored him.

Why pay a tribute to Mr. Jamison here? Simply because of what the family requested in lieu of flowers. They asked, instead, for you to “send them (the flowers) to one you love or make a small gesture of kindness to someone who needs it.” Wow! What an unselfish gesture!

Someone who needs it.” Hhhmmm…now who could that be? How about the very next person you come in contact with. And the person after that. And the person after that.

After all, we all need small gestures of kindness. Maybe a few flowers too.

David Miller Initials