May 4, 2014 – The Spirit Ranch Expedition

I’m writing this message in advance of its posting on a Sunday. This particular Sunday will be the conclusion of a 48-hour experience we call the Spirit Ranch Expedition. It will be for 8 couples from a rural town in the panhandle of Texas. Having led similar “retreats” for either men or women, I am looking forward to our first couples’ Expedition.

                                                Spirit ranch Collage

Here is what I know they will be feeling/thinking when they leave on Sunday afternoon.

1. They will be exhausted and energized simultaneously.

2. They will feel “lighter” from leaving some heavy baggage behind, yet they will weigh more because we will feed them like queens and kings.

3. They will have created, rediscovered, and strengthened relationships with their spouses and other couples. But all that will come in second place to the added closeness they will feel with their Creator.

4. They will have received and they will still yearn for MORE…more freedom; more beauty; more knowledge; more Truth. However they will leave with less…less guilt, less pain, less confusion; less deception.

If any of the above appeals to you, let us know. It would be an honor to host you at a Spirit Ranch Expedition.

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