July 21, 2014- Beautiful…again

Don’t you wish good times could last forever? Since they don’t I guess that is what our memory banks are for…storing away fun times; seeing people in our mind’s eye; remembering special moments; savoring beauty.

Here’s a thought: Good times may not last forever. But there are others ahead of us. Maybe as soon as today! So be on the lookout all around you for a new memory to store away. You want your bank to be full of them.

Here’s an example. One photo is of roses that were extravagantly beautiful last week. Today they have faded and their petals have dropped. The other photo is of a pair of roses that are in full bloom today. See how life can be beautiful again? And again? And again?

image               image

Whatever may be going on in your life right now, be encouraged that more fun times; more good people; more special moments; more beauty…is ahead for you.

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March 30, 2014 – Sunday mornings

It’s Sunday Morning and I’m “hitting the pause button” for a few minutes and searching back in time.

I was raised in a Southern Baptist home. My dad was a deacon, my mom a Sunday School teacher. Sunday mornings, evenings, and Wednesday nights, week-long revivals…just about anytime the church doors opened, we were there. Oh, did I mention the pot-luck lunches and suppers??? It’s a wonder we didn’t all weigh 400 pounds!

On June 3, 1972, I married a terrific girl who not only was from a Catholic family, she had attended a private Catholic school for 12 years. Full masses, prayer beads, lighting candles, “Our Fathers” and “Hail Mary’s” were important parts of her upbringing. And all those ups and downs from kneeling, sitting, kneeling again, standing, then kneeling again. No wonder she didn’t need to go to the gym!

So it will be no surprise to you that we had several (many) “discussions” about faith and traditions and what really matters and where to attend worship services when Sunday mornings arrived. And, we ultimately settled on a “compromise” (albeit protestant) option. But, truth be known, she was so much more Christlike about our differences that I was. I wish I had learned earlier in life to be more tolerant and kind and flexible…more like her.

She’s gone now, you know. And from time to time (like right now) I “hit the pause button” and simply reflect on the beauty of her life. I find both joy and pain in the pause: the joy of remembering and the pain of loss.

Sometimes I leave the button pressed for a longer period of time than others. But, sooner or later I hit the “play” button again because my life goes on and I need to do what she would want me to do…find a need and meet it.

Not a bad idea is it? Find a need and meet it…whether it’s Sunday morning or not.

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February 16, 2014 – Faith vs Fear – Hemingway and Her

It’s an Ernest Hemingway quote that my friend sent to me. It alone is powerful.

“The best people possess a feeling for beauty, the courage to take risk, the capacity for sacrifice. Ironically, their witness makes them vulnerable: they are often wounded, sometimes destroyed.”

But then she added:

For some reason…this represents to me what it means to be a witness to our beliefs, or live in “faith” in every area of our physical life on earth.  The fear of being destroyed, “death” isn’t scary when I am walking in faith, but when I find myself walking on the side of “fear”, the vulnerability I feel is overwhelming!  I think that is why I like this quote so well.

I think that is why I like it so well, too. Thanks Ernest and friend.

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