Sometimes there simply isn’t an answer to the question “why”?

Why was the lovely freshman coed taken in an automobile accident at the age of 19?

Why are we fortunate to have so many friends and loved ones? Or…why don’t we have many?

Why, when in his prime, did the pastor succumb to cancer? He was only 58 years old.

Why do some live to be 100+ with little or few health problems?

Why did Jennifer have a brain tumor at age 6?

Why do we get to live in the best nation in the world?

Why am I fortunate enough to be able to type this instead of having limp, paralyzed hands hanging at my side? And why do you have the sight to read it?

Why? Why? Why?

Please…as much as we crave (perhaps even demand) answers to these “why” questions…may I kindly and humbly and tenderly suggest that there simply aren’t any adequate earthly answers.  I wish there were, but wishing (or worrying or researching or asking over and over) won’t produce the answers for us.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

We are meant to be connected. The unanswerable seems to be a connector for us. So in the absence of the answers, cling to your faith; hold tightly to your friends; cherish your family members; love and respect yourself. What more can we do?

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