Anna Thomas Young – Entry 2

Silver linings. The visual that jumps into my mind is one of a dark cloud that is looming and threatening to cause havoc as it unleashes its fury…yet all around the edges there is a bright sliver of light that appears to be silver in color. That sliver is, in fact, the sun shining brightly behind the cloud, peaking just beyond the cloud to give us the hope of a “silver lining”.

Notice how Anna recognizes the silver lining in her experience. As you do, are you recognizing yours?

“I had hoped to see my final term through July 7th as I am incredibly passionate about giving back, not just to my alma mater, but to a community that has gone above and beyond to support me, my dreams, my ambitions. Even through the tough times there has always been that extra calming west Texas hug that reminds me that no matter how this all ends, TTU and my colleagues taught me – my work is important, but it will never be the fulfillment or purpose we need to add value and true character to our own life. I guess we could refer to our relationships here as our very own silver lining.”

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Next time: Anna expresses her appreciation to Texas Tech


July 11, 2014 – Behind, behinder, behindest

The date in the title line is July 11. As I write this entry the calendar says July 13. Yep, I feel behind so am making up for July 11 and 12 today.

Do you ever feel like you’re so far behind you’ll never get caught up? Me too. And I don’t know if I really will be completely “caught up” because there is always something new to work on. That’s not all bad.

My word of encouragement to you today is (1) you’re not alone…everyone has the feeling of being behind and (2) just do one thing today…or right now. You will be one step closer to being less behindest. And if you take enough steps you might pass right by behinder and get back to just being behind!

Hang in there. I’m with you on this subject. Gotta go now so I can write the July 12 and 13 blog and be two steps less behinder.

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June 17, 2014 – Why?

Right here and now, as if I had any authority whatsoever, I am granting you permission as a leader to answer some questions with “I don’t know”. Because, especially this morning, I simply don’t know the answer to so many “why” questions.

Why did Jennifer have a brain tumor as a beautiful little girl?

Why am I so fortunate to be born where I was and to have the parents I have?

Why were mosquitos created?

Why did the contract fall apart after such a promising beginning?

Why does he treat her that way?

Why did Saralyn, who not only lived for others but taught them, in turn, how to live for still others have to die suddenly and unexpectedly in her husband’s arms last night?

As much as we know and understand, we simply don’t have all the answers. So, Russ, I must tell you today…I don’t know.


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