I like this slightly edited (by me) definition from one of the online dictionaries.  Hope you do, too.

“Absence of noise or disturbance, release, relaxation; silence, abstention from speech; absence of disturbance or molestation, tranquility, peace, security; that which appeases”.

This “S” is hard, too.  I know.  But I got to wondering as I wrote about the Five S’s that if the reason they are so powerful, especially if used in combination, is because they are indeed difficult to practice.  I think that may especially be true for people with leadership responsibilities.

But then, I also thought about the adage “anything worth having is worth working for”.  Well, putting all these S’s in practice may be work, but this one…being still… is NOT working.  In fact, it’s the absence of work for a while.

At the risk that you might like this guy’s blog better than mine, I am sharing this link with you anyway because (1) I like the picture in it and (2) he makes some excellent points, and (3) he gives us some additional resources.  Actually, Mr. Hyatt is just good at what he does! Thanks, Michael.  Maybe we can meet someday…

Now, be still.  Just for a little while…be com – plete – ly still.

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