July 13, 2014 – Safety

I’ve witnessed how fear can paralyze a person and, therefore, a team. You’ve seen it too. The fear of feeling inadequate. The fear of not being included. The fear of failure. The fear of the unknown. And the list goes on and on. What would you add to it?

Centuries ago a writer said “love casts out all fear”. Hhhmmm…not courage? Not more information? Not being a part of the clique? Not winning the big one?

It’s love that gets rid of fear???

Yeah, it does. From my perspective, the reason is that love creates a safe space for us. And within that space we don’t have to resort to either “silence or violence”…”fight or flight”. We can be real and authentic when there is safety.

Leaders, let me implore you to give the gift that keeps on giving…a safe place for those around you. Safety promotes trust and allows people to tell their stories. Safety gives people permission to be innovative and creative without the fear of making a mistake. Safety encourages us to move forward at just the right pace. No need to get in a big hurry if you’re safe.

Now think about it. Who can you give this gift of safety to in the coming days? As the giver, you most likely will receive much more in return.

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A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place.  By extension a sanctuary is a safe haven…a hideaway…a place of safe retreat.

November 2012

For me, unless I am in such a place, it’s difficult to listen to that inner voice that calls.  And such a place could be in the privacy of my home office…or in my truck as I’m parked near a field of bluebonnets…or in the shower as the steaming hot water cascades over my shoulders…or in a bamboo hut in the rain forest of Costa Rica…or in the secluded mountain cabin where I invested several days in listening.

It was in that little New Mexico cabin (see photo) that I was in the 3rd month of grieving the loss of my wife of 40+ years.  But, it was also there that I was seeing the world through fresh eyes.  That inner voice (I hope this isn’t too, too…something…spooky or mystical or far out…but don’t you hear that voice sometimes, too?) was guiding me, giving me clarity because I was taking the time to listen.

I would not have heard the calling during those few days if I had been at work or in a noisy restaurant or at a grandchild’s game or with the TV blaring the latest news or sports or whatever.  I know, that I needed to be hidden away…in a safe haven…in a sanctuary.  So, step one in really listening…find yourself a sanctuary.  It may be as close as your closet or backyard.

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