The main Bible passage for sabbatical concepts is Genesis 2:2-3, in which God rested (literally, “ceased” from his labor) after creating the universe.  It is applied to people (Jew and Gentile, slave and free) and even to beasts of burden in one of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:8-11). All agriculture was stopped during these periods, so even the land itself was given a Sabbath.

Are you kidding?  Even the land was given a rest?  I’ve been told to “give it a rest”, but I think they were really just telling me to shut up.  Well, that’s kinda what this whole thing about “sabbatical” is about.  At least that’s the next step in being able to listen internally.

Sabbatical February 2005

For now, don’t think as a sabbatical as taking a month or year or some other time off from work to write a book or complete a research project or travel around the world.  Those may be good activities, but that’s the point…they are activities…as in action.

Once you are in your sanctuary and you are alone in solitude, then simply…stop. S-T-O-P.  Cease.  Quit.

Huh???  Yes.  Just cease what you are doing.

Here is one of the incredible views on my sabbatical from that bamboo hut in the jungle of Costa Rica.  Do you think I would have ever seen it or dozens of other sights or heard the macaws or howler monkeys or surf crashing on the rocks 50 yards from the hut if I hadn’t have stopped being Mr. CEO for a few days????  Nope.

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