May 4, 2014 – The Spirit Ranch Expedition

I’m writing this message in advance of its posting on a Sunday. This particular Sunday will be the conclusion of a 48-hour experience we call the Spirit Ranch Expedition. It will be for 8 couples from a rural town in the panhandle of Texas. Having led similar “retreats” for either men or women, I am looking forward to our first couples’ Expedition.

                                                Spirit ranch Collage

Here is what I know they will be feeling/thinking when they leave on Sunday afternoon.

1. They will be exhausted and energized simultaneously.

2. They will feel “lighter” from leaving some heavy baggage behind, yet they will weigh more because we will feed them like queens and kings.

3. They will have created, rediscovered, and strengthened relationships with their spouses and other couples. But all that will come in second place to the added closeness they will feel with their Creator.

4. They will have received and they will still yearn for MORE…more freedom; more beauty; more knowledge; more Truth. However they will leave with less…less guilt, less pain, less confusion; less deception.

If any of the above appeals to you, let us know. It would be an honor to host you at a Spirit Ranch Expedition.

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January 29, 2014 – Beauty

Beauty may be the most powerful force on earth in driving our leadership decisions. Of course we know there are budgets and strategies and market conditions and stockholder demands and all that “stuff”.

Yet, often we find ourselves inspired by the beauty of a well thought plan coming together. We are captivated by the dark brown eyes, auburn hair, high cheekbones, and captivating smile of a beautiful woman. We wonder and sometimes weep at the splendor and majesty of a sunset whether it is high in the Colorado Rockies, rapidly sinking into the Pacific Ocean, or disappearing beneath the west Texas horizon.  I find myself intrigued and inspired by the priceless innocence of young children.

Why would we even think about concerning ourselves as leaders with the beauty around us? How would doing so help company performance or R.O.I.? After all, beauty is one of those touchy feely things that “real” leaders don’t pay attention to.

Well here is the reason; beauty is the antidote for pain. And there is so much pain in our lives: depression, divorce, bankruptcy, cancer, heart issues of every kind, betrayal, and loss…loss of a job; a friend; an opportunity; a beloved.

Where do we turn to? Try turning to beauty. Those brown eyes and auburn hair and disarming smile night just make you forget about your pain for a moment and smile yourself.

Watch the sunset…or sunrise. Observe that son or daughter of yours, remembering beautiful memories with them.

Let beauty work for you as a leader.

Back to how to say “no” tomorrow. But I had beauty enter my life today and I wanted to share how it stirred me, made me more alert, and challenged me to strive more valiantly for excellence in my work.


A sanctuary, in its original meaning, is a sacred place.  By extension a sanctuary is a safe haven…a hideaway…a place of safe retreat.

November 2012

For me, unless I am in such a place, it’s difficult to listen to that inner voice that calls.  And such a place could be in the privacy of my home office…or in my truck as I’m parked near a field of bluebonnets…or in the shower as the steaming hot water cascades over my shoulders…or in a bamboo hut in the rain forest of Costa Rica…or in the secluded mountain cabin where I invested several days in listening.

It was in that little New Mexico cabin (see photo) that I was in the 3rd month of grieving the loss of my wife of 40+ years.  But, it was also there that I was seeing the world through fresh eyes.  That inner voice (I hope this isn’t too, too…something…spooky or mystical or far out…but don’t you hear that voice sometimes, too?) was guiding me, giving me clarity because I was taking the time to listen.

I would not have heard the calling during those few days if I had been at work or in a noisy restaurant or at a grandchild’s game or with the TV blaring the latest news or sports or whatever.  I know, that I needed to be hidden away…in a safe haven…in a sanctuary.  So, step one in really listening…find yourself a sanctuary.  It may be as close as your closet or backyard.

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