July 20, 2014 – Where were you?

It’s interesting to hear people’s replies to questions about history such as:

Where were you on December 7, 1941?

Where were you when the space shuttle went down?

Where were you when Kennedy was shot?

Where were you when Kirk Gibson hit his dramatic homerun for the Dodgers?

Where were you when Neal Armstrong took the first step on the moon?

Where were you on 9-11?

Here are some questions that won’t make the history books, but may be more important for you to be able to answer.

Where were you when your grade-schooler won the spelling bee?

Where were you at supper last night as it grew cold on the table at home?

Where were you when she hit the winning free-throw?

Where were you when she missed what could have been the winning free-throw?

Where were you when he graduated?

Where were you when they really needed you?

It’s never too late. So answer the following question by filling in the blank.

Where will I be when______________________?

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July 17, 2014 – Options

Labron just signed a new two-year deal worth approximately what the combined total of readers of this blog will make in oh, I don’t know…a lifetime or two. And you know what he has at the end of the first year? An option not to return and play elsewhere and draw a bigger paycheck (or a smaller one if he’s interested in sharing the wealth with team mates).

Not too many of us have options quite so lucrative. But…we do all have options.

An example: A house painter. Residential work primarily. A true craftsman. An artist, really. Stellar reputation. Hard, hard worker with arthritis in his joints and a body that can’t go on forever. And he apparently is charging at least 25% less than his competition. He has a waiting list of 30 customers that may take over a year to get to them all. And, he is mired in debt…maybe going to have to forfeit his house. But, he’s afraid to raise his rates because he might lose customers.

My suggestion to him? Match or exceed his competitors rates. His loyal customers will stay with him. His pain-in-the-@$$ ones will most likely go away. He can work fewer hours, fewer jobs, with fewer aches and pains and actually make as much or more money. He does have an option. But it does him no good if he doesn’t exercise it.

What options do you have? What options can you create? And which one(s) are you going to be bold enough…wise enough…to exercise?

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April 3, 2014 – White space

You probably have already heard of and used the term “white space” as it relates to your calendar. I had not until today. I was in a meeting with a man I have tremendous respect and admiration for and he was being challenged by not having enough white space on his calendar. Of course, I was too proud to ask “what’s white space?” so instead I just went along with the conversation until I understood that he was talking about the time between the barrage of meetings he had scheduled. There simply wasn’t any!

I was tempted to advise him to create some white space. Just cancel a meeting here and there. Don’t be so short-sighted as to schedule things to close together. For once, I held my tongue and I’m glad I did. Because when I later looked at my calendar for the next two weeks guess what? Yep…little or no white space.

Later in the day I was meeting with one of my favorite clients. She is so wise and she asked me, “do you ever get tired with all you have to do?”. Hesitatingly, I answered truthfully. In spite of loving what I do and who I get to work with, yes, I do get tired. Then, it hit me. The pace I am keeping is not sustainable. So, sometime within hours from now, I will be making some calls and sending some emails rescheduling a few items so that I can enjoy and benefit from the margin provided by this stuff called white space. Any chance you might do the same?

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