April 3, 2014 – White space

You probably have already heard of and used the term “white space” as it relates to your calendar. I had not until today. I was in a meeting with a man I have tremendous respect and admiration for and he was being challenged by not having enough white space on his calendar. Of course, I was too proud to ask “what’s white space?” so instead I just went along with the conversation until I understood that he was talking about the time between the barrage of meetings he had scheduled. There simply wasn’t any!

I was tempted to advise him to create some white space. Just cancel a meeting here and there. Don’t be so short-sighted as to schedule things to close together. For once, I held my tongue and I’m glad I did. Because when I later looked at my calendar for the next two weeks guess what? Yep…little or no white space.

Later in the day I was meeting with one of my favorite clients. She is so wise and she asked me, “do you ever get tired with all you have to do?”. Hesitatingly, I answered truthfully. In spite of loving what I do and who I get to work with, yes, I do get tired. Then, it hit me. The pace I am keeping is not sustainable. So, sometime within hours from now, I will be making some calls and sending some emails rescheduling a few items so that I can enjoy and benefit from the margin provided by this stuff called white space. Any chance you might do the same?

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February 4, 2014 – Saying NO – Technique #4 – Time out

Well, maybe not exactly time “out”, but at least ask for more time.  Remember to ask the clarifying questions and if by doing so you can reasonably conclude the original deadline given to you is not really necessary, then ask for an extension.

In other words, build some margin into your life!

Btw, why am I spending so much time on saying “NO”? Because being overloaded..feeling overextended…is the most common challenge I deal with in every profession. 

Here’s an idea…breathe…deeply…slowly…now do it again…for about two minutes. And don’t tell me “NO”.  You can spare two minutes for yourself.

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