I now understand…

…that I don’t understand at all. And therefore, I understand more than I’ve ever understood before.

It isn’t only “just OK” not to be able to explain everything. It’s also freeing to not be burdened with feeling like we have to.

Be free to lead even though there will be unanswered questions.

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Anna Thomas Young – Entry 4


Below is the closing paragraph of an email that Anna sent to Texas Tech administrators on March 12 of this year informing them of her need for a leave of absence while she goes to M.D. Anderson for a bone marrow transplant.

“Although my odds of having a successful bone marrow transplant for a second time with my blood disease (odds are only 20-30% and this is the final treatment option), I want and will continue to work for NWI, to finish the last two chapters of my dissertation, and to spread some of the light and love that I was taught at TTU. Most importantly – I want to be able to hold my head up high knowing that I did the very best I could in this life. Thank you for being a part of it. I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to coming back at full speed! With my most humble and grateful appreciation,”

Anna T. Young

Anna’s odds are not excellent. Her attitude is. She has work left to be done as you can see.

Regardless of what our odds are or what our work that is left to be done may be, shouldn’t we all say that I “want to be able to hold my head up high knowing that I did the very best I could in this life”?

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Anna Thomas Young – Entry 3

First, please visit this website and see for yourself the beauty and power of a mother’s love and the innocence and acceptance of children.


As you read Anna’s words below “listen” to the gratitude she feels even in this season of difficulty. Now think…what do you have to be grateful for today? Hot water in the shower? French vanilla creamer for your coffee? A child that used a marks-a-lot on the wall…again? A car that had just enough fumes left in the tank to get you to the gas pump?

“I have received so much from an institution that genuinely cares deeply about you and me and works diligently to see that in this situation. I am so grateful that TTU could find a way to support my family and me while maintaining professionalism and compassion. Most universities cannot master these two paradoxical levels of accountability and trust. The university and administration have been nothing short of providing extreme encouragement. Your faith and support in me has helped me push through many days I’ve been ready to stop treatment and give up. Thank you for believing in me so I could believe in myself.

Please know, from the most humble part of my heart and soul, I am forever grateful for your support and willingness to take an ordinary human being and provide them -me- with the tools to make extraordinary changes through interacting with a phenomenal administration.

And now, thank you for being here to support me as I will be in isolation at MD Anderson (MDA) for 6-8 months. During this time, I will not be able to see my children face to face or hug their precious necks. The high dose Chemo will kill everything and thus the smallest germ or infection could kill me. So I know the physical pain will not be nearly as bad as the emptiness I will experience from not getting to read them stories, cuddle and just be an ordinary mom that gets messy in the sand fishing with the kids on the weekend. -ok ok ok we mostly practice casting given the rarity of water.”

We have SO much to be thankful for. Anna could complain and whine and say “why me?”. And, most likely from time to time, she does. I’ll bet she’s even grateful for the Grace that allows her to do that, too.

Next time we will learn of Anna’s determination as she faces odds that are stacked against her.

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