April 3, 2014 – White space

You probably have already heard of and used the term “white space” as it relates to your calendar. I had not until today. I was in a meeting with a man I have tremendous respect and admiration for and he was being challenged by not having enough white space on his calendar. Of course, I was too proud to ask “what’s white space?” so instead I just went along with the conversation until I understood that he was talking about the time between the barrage of meetings he had scheduled. There simply wasn’t any!

I was tempted to advise him to create some white space. Just cancel a meeting here and there. Don’t be so short-sighted as to schedule things to close together. For once, I held my tongue and I’m glad I did. Because when I later looked at my calendar for the next two weeks guess what? Yep…little or no white space.

Later in the day I was meeting with one of my favorite clients. She is so wise and she asked me, “do you ever get tired with all you have to do?”. Hesitatingly, I answered truthfully. In spite of loving what I do and who I get to work with, yes, I do get tired. Then, it hit me. The pace I am keeping is not sustainable. So, sometime within hours from now, I will be making some calls and sending some emails rescheduling a few items so that I can enjoy and benefit from the margin provided by this stuff called white space. Any chance you might do the same?

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2 thoughts on “April 3, 2014 – White space

  1. Yes, it hurts no one to get that little white space now and then. It provides a much needed breather to get on with the rest of the day or week.

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